Visit to Tesco’s

Two weeks ago (April 6th) the kids were invited to Tesco for a ‘Farm to Fork’ tour. Everyone arrived just before 10am ready for the tour. We were welcomed by the staff and Leslie (Community manager) gave an introductory speech to all. Each child was given a clipboard with a questionnaire which they were asked to fill out. The children were asked to find certain colours of fresh produce from the fruit and vegetable aisle and find out each country of origin. They (and us the adults) were surprised at how far afield some actually came from. It was unanimously agreed that the colour green had the most produce listed. After finding out there has only been one item ever categorised as blue, which was the blueberry, Lesley talked about how important healthy snacks and meals are to our bodies growth repair and wellbeing. The children were then given a task of choosing three items as a meal for lunch that they thought were healthy. Once chosen they then got to scan each item through the till, working out how much the total was beforehand. The kids enjoyed it thoroughly.

Lesley and her colleague walked us to the freezer aisle where she asked us if we felt how cold the freezers really were as when we open the door to take something out our hand is only in there for a few seconds. The freezers are regulated to -22 degrees to stop the items from defrosting every time the door is opened. Some of the children put their hands into the freezer to feel how cold it was. We were all then invited into the stock area through the ‘Staff Only’ door and lead to the back where the lorries deliver all the items in the store. There was an amazing smell coming from a small room where they were cooking the chickens for the hot counter. Lesley explained that all the fat that comes off the chickens is poured into a large drum and taken to be recycled into fuel for their delivery lorries and vans so Tesco can be even more eco friendly.

She then asked the question “Who wants to stand in our big walk in freezer to experience how cold -22 degrees really is”, to which all hands went up. The children took turns to stand in the Freezer. When Daniel and Zack stood in the room and was asked how it felt, Daniel’s comment was “Cool! We were then invited to the staff room for some healthy snacks which was a big hit with everything on the table eaten with not a crumb to be seen!

Our thanks go to Leslie and all the staff that made our visit enjoyable and also to all the kids who made us proud.