MiddlewichAnn @ Middlewich Folk & Boat 2017

This year (2017) will be the 3rd time John & Jackie have opened their garden for the Folk & Boat Festival and the first that our MiddlewichAnn group will have a stall for fundraising. We need your help! On either / both Saturday 17th and Sunday 28th June we need volunteers to run the MiddlewichAnn stand. This will involve helping with the ‘Needle in the haystack’ game, ‘Roll the ball’ game, ‘Name the Teddy’, Selling Raffle Tickets (drawn Sunday afternoon) and hopefully we will also have some other games. This is to build our resources to help the group.

FAB entertainment @ 39 Brooks Lane

If you are not aware John and Jackie open their garden for various charity events including special events for our group. They are located at the canal end of Brooks Lane near the Kings Lock pub. There will be loads going on as they will also be hosting their funday for the charity Winstons Wish. There will be a live music stage running all day and they will open as a coffee house with tea, fresh ground coffee, homemade cakes & pastries, pies, chips and more. Entry is FREE and a party is sure to break out, it’s nothing unusual to see visitors dancing, talking of which they are hoping to have a Morris Dancers Troop performing on Sunday.

It is sure to be busy with some 25,000 plus visitors expected in the town. If you can help with a 2 hour slot to help run the stand please contact us by email or call Jackie on 01606 270148 or Robyn on 07903 009864. Saturday 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 4-6pm & Sunday 10-12, 12-2, 2-4pm. If you can’t help please make sure you visit during the weekend.

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  1. I am so proud of my husband. He organised the whole weekend and entertained the visiting guests exceptionally well. Well done John xxx

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