Easter Eggstravaganza Report


Yesterday saw our 2018 Easter Eggstravaganza, it seems strange that we have now been running just over a year and this was our second Easter event. Our goal for the day was to get the children to interact with one and other, have fun as well as get them outdoors instead of being stuck inside. The weather was a bit wet to start with yet it did then brighten up.

The main competition was the hunt and Jackie treated the group to some lovely little yellow egg-shaped containers and we loaded 3 mini eggs inside each and then added an attending child’s name on a piece of paper as well. Once hidden and the kids set loose whoever found an egg would then give the named other person their easter egg. It was a way of getting them to get to know everyone else in the group. Everyone who took part got a button’s egg, well apart from us parents that is.¬†Considering the lack of hiding places, I think that Jackie and I did a pretty good job of hiding all the eggs.

While we were hiding the eggs John ran a game of Easter Egg Bingo. The kids loved it and we had those who normally might fidget about, sitting still and concentrating… It was all eyes down to win those eggs. We saw brothers and sisters working together, and even some of the adults took part. Our first bingo game winner was Meghan, who was rather happy having won the Wispa Egg, she admitted later she liked the bingo because she had won something.

Then came the mayhem of all the kids looking for the eggs (see the pics below). The children had a great time and quickly realised there were additional chocolate eggs to be found and eaten. Once all names from the collected plastic eggs got their prizes, another game of Bingo was started. This time Jordan won. He has got soooo tall now, I don’t think he needs any more chocolate in helping him grow ūüėȬ† I’m sure he’ll be sharing it with his mum and nan.

The morning was then wrapped up with John organising some outside games and the drawing of our Easter raffle won by Michelle, Ewan and Eliza.¬†The aim of today was to get the group out and about, having fun, socialising and just general enjoyment for everyone involved. I think it’s safe to say a cracking time was had by all.

Events like this and seeing the looks of all those who came today, the smiles, the laughter and the social side of things that makes everything all worthwhile. It should be pointed out once again, there were no meltdowns from anyone. To see was brothers and sisters getting along, those who struggle to interact and are often quite shy having fun and laughing is indeed a tonic for the soul. That said Middlewich Additional Needs Network is not just for the kids, it’s for us adults as well. How often through the holidays do we feel isolated, stressed and have our kids saying ‘we’re bored’. We hope in future years when we are more established to perhaps run more events through each holiday, although of course, this will depend on fundraising.

I would like to thank the Kinderton Hotel and staff for letting us host our event in the hotel and use their space to hold our bingo and games. The tragedy of the day was to hear they are soon to close and sell up to land developers. Our thanks must also go to Tesco’s who donated 3 big Easter egg’s which meant we could have the raffle and also the eggstra prizes.
Lastly, a huge thank to all who came along and joined us today. Support is important and makes all the difference. To all our wonderful children and young adults; You are all a credit to your parents, and it is an absolute pleasure to be able to run events like this for you all to take part in. Thank you as well.

Robyn (secretary).

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  1. We had a great time. All three of us loved it and all the kids seemed so happy. Thanks to the organisers xx

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