Pizza, Ice Cream & MarioKart Party – Review

Our second event of the 2018 summer holidays was a Pizza party at Jackie & John’s house on Wednesday 1st August, (2 pm – 5 pm). As you can see from our graphic, games included MarioKart8.

Everyone turned up on time and it wasn’t long before there were various roars of laughter from inside the house from the children gaming on the WiiU and of particular note was Amelia in fits of giggles when Marmite (John & Jackies Yorky) started giving her lots of licks. This was such a big step for her and so we have awarded her a Gold Star. It is so good to see such a major step in one of the group’s development and is one of the main reasons that MANN was set up in the first place!

The only thing that kept everyone quiet for a while was the arrival of 15 pizza’s followed by Jackies special ice cream creations. As is usual with these events it ran long past the allotted time as everyone had such a good time…