Manchester Play Expo 2019 – Update

For those who have not been before Play Expo is pretty much gaming on steroids. This was two days of Pinballs, Retro Arcade Games, Consoles, Minecraft, Fortnite, Trade Stands and so much more. If you can think of an arcade game it was there and what’s more, everything was set to free play. Simply put, complete gaming overload!

Day One Report: Everyone was really tired after a long day gaming. We took a dozen today to the show and everyone had a really good time. Tickets and parking have been paid for in full by Middlewichann and it has been worth every penny to see so many happy faces.

Day Two: Even more attended the show and we have even made new friends who recently also joined us for a coffee morning to see what we are all about. Those that went both days are going to need some downtime to recover.

Kids, families and carers, all with big smiles on their faces pretty much all day long. Now, this is what our group is all about!