Sealife & Legoland Trip Review

We took the group to Sealife and Legoland earlier this week (6th August). The event was part of our fully-funded summer program and therefore free to members.

We left Middlewich around 9.15am with some making their own way and John drove a small minibus for those without transport. Entry to Sealife was booked for 10.15am and after collecting everyone together, in we went. It turned out to be a really welcoming venue with some really interesting things to see! Children and adults alike were entranced by all the different kinds of sea life, especially by the sharks, turtles and lionfish.

The tour started with an introduction to the sea turtles and their life cycle. It continued with fabulous displays of all kinds of sea creatures. There were tanks of Jellyfish slowly undulating around. There were clownfish that inspired the kids to shout out “I found Nemo and Dory”. There was a tank where you could reach down and touch the starfish.  It was amazing to see the fish in detail with glass walls designed to magnify all within and to be able to walk with fish swimming above your head was brilliant. The stars of the show though were undoubtedly the Japanese spider crabs.

These crabs can live up to 100 years old and grow to the size of a small car. They are the largest crab in the world and were worth the trip on their own!

We left a nice amount of time to grab some lunch in the Trafford Centre food court and it wasn’t long before it was time to visit Legoland. The children again loved this part of their adventure. It perhaps should be said that the feel of Legoland was very different from that of Sealife. It could be that the parents were somewhat worn out by the time we got there but it felt like it was very much more commercial and designed to get you to spend your money. That said once in there was loads to do with rides, a 4D cinema, building and testing race cars. Most of the parents bailed out to the cafe and let the children get on with it.

Eventually (4.00 o’clock) it was time to go home. Most of the children still wanted more but by this time the adults REALLY wanted to go home. It was a successful trip and one we are sure to do again!