Go Karting @ Fastlanes trip Review

On 19th August we took the older members of the group to Fastlanes in Stoke on Trent (151 King St, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 3ER). There were enough attending to need to be split into three racing groups. We all arrived before Midday and you could almost touch the excitement running between adults and kids alike. Now it could have been the testosterone or the adrenaline or it maybe everyone was high on petrol fumes however this was obviously an event everyone was properly looking forward to. All had driven something before even if it was only Mariokart! The 1600cc petrol engine Go Karts were a proper racing challenge and although the beginners group karts were restricted a little they were turned up to full for the others making them properly quick.

The first 20 laps were fully funded and free. Once divided into the standards of beginners, drivers and racers everyone was asked to watch a safety video before suiting up. To say the afternoon was competitive was an understatement and no quarter was given or taken, even in the beginner’s group. Once everyone had had their 20 laps the second round of another 30 laps  (we only charged £5.00 each) was allowed. Only two decided they had had enough and so the racing continued. Every single driver improved their personal times and it turned out, two had done really well. John had won the first session reasonably easily that said, he didn’t have it all his own way in the second session as Ian had the best lap by just 200ths of a second. Pretty sure this is not going to be the last word in that contest. Time will tell though as this is guaranteed not to be the last time we go back to Fastlanes.

A word of thanks must go to the staff for making it such an enjoyable event. Their understanding of our needs was perfect and we look forward to our next time.