Cadbury World Trip – Review

On 27th August we organised the biggest trip of the year, CadburyLand, Birmingham. We booked a  51 seater coach for a 9.00am departure from Brooks Lane. Everyone turned up early in a good mood as they were all looking forward to the chocolate. Once everyone was loaded the coach got going and to our surprise traffic was light and it was an easy trip. We were let off the coach at the drop-off point right next to the front doors. Once we were let in Jackie organised everyone into smaller groups and were let loose to pretty much do our own thing. The start was made even better as we had all been given a chocolate care package!

The tour started off with the history of chocolate and the Cadbury brand. This was followed by demonstrations of how the chocolate is tempered and we even got to have a go with the chocolate on marble slabs. Next came more free samples with a paper cup full of melted chocolate for which you could pick whatever toppings you wanted.

(If anyone has more pictures from the trip please let us have copies)

Following more giveaways participating visitors were treated to a 4D experience. There were quite a number of other things to do outside for the children and there was an opportunity to grab some lunch. The next part of the tour was in many ways the highlight as it was the gift shop. Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate was available at prices cheaper than normally buy. There was of course also opportunities to get Cadbury World branded items.

By 3.30 ish everyone was starting to wilt and meeting back at the coach for 4.00 pm was a godsend! Our driver Alan was really efficient and such a nice chap. We eventually rolled back into Middlewich just after 5.30 pm. It was a great way to finish off the summer holidays…