2020 Easter Egg Hunt

Unfortunately, another event has been cancelled due to the current lockdown. We were not going to let that stop us though! So with the help of our local Jack’s store, it’s manager and staff (including Isaac, he knows who he is…) we decided to reach out to those in the Middlewich, Winsford and Sandbach area’s of our group. Jack’s donated a stunning £250.00 worth of eggs (pictured in Johns car) and we played Easter Bunny and delivered them all Thursday evening.

It turned out to be a glorious evening with everyone outside their front doors for the National 8 pm clap for NHS & carers event. As we went round we put an egg on each doorstep, rang the bell (or knocked) and ran back to the street. Without exception, the responses were brilliant and we were all made up to know just a little bit of light had been brought into some of those in our group that had perhaps thought they had been forgotten. So many great messages were sent to our Facebook and Whatsapp groups. But hey, that’s why we do it!