About us

Middlewich Additional Needs Network was set up by a group of concerned parents with the aim of helping those in our local community who struggle with the demands of everyday life in our ever more complicated world. So often now we hear about people in our society who have additional needs and their struggle to cope with life. No matter their reason, autism, epilepsy, diabetes or the host of other things which so many of us have to deal with on a daily basis, we want to help.

Individual problems vary and are often complicated. Not all problems can be fixed easily or quickly but our own life experiences show if we can lighten the load a little with communication and by bringing a sense of belonging lives can be made easier, less stressful and much more enjoyable. Our aim is to help. So with all this in mind, our group was created. We are here to help not only children and adults with additional needs but also those who find themselves in a caring role.

Everyone is equal in our network. We have a central council that oversees the group which meets once a month. We have fortnightly social coffee mornings to get together, chat, talk over problems and give each other advice. We run special events for our kids and families usually at a huge discount and often completely free. We have this dedicated information website which covers everything from events and befriending to legal and benefits. We also have a Facebook page where we also network online.

Middlewich Additional Needs Network is here to ensure its group members realise they are not alone and that they are supported. The wellbeing of our society whether child or adult, friend or family is important to the way we all live. The most important function and a cornerstone of our organisation is to have fun! Special trips, Pizza parties, Movie nights, Fundraising events and oh yes the odd Prosecco evening to make sure we don’t get too serious. We encourage all to share a space and generally get to know each other. This leads to communication and trust. Once this is established we can perhaps help in other ways.


So what can we do for you or someone you know? The answer is to join us, be part of our community, be wanted, be helped, help others and so much more. Isn’t this what our lives are supposed to be like?

You may have noticed our name change. Well, not so much of a change as an addition. As we are slowly (and carefully) expanding we have added the CheshireANN title to our portfolio. We will gladly include others from the Cheshire area that would like to join us and would love to help any others setting up a similar group as this will truly make us into a Network to help others!

Communication is the key. Be part of our community now!