Get Involved!

We are looking to expand our fabulous group of volunteers and our services (both, carefully and slowly). So how can you help?


£250.00 would enable us to provide an exclusive cinema viewing for up to 50 children. This allows children to experience the cinema with the lighting up higher, sound lower and with subtitles for children with hearing impairments.

£750 funds a day trip for 50 children with their parents/siblings to go to Chester Zoo. This kind of trip allows a family to experience a day out away from their local area with the comfort of a large minibus. Our children benefit from experiencing the hands-on of the exhibitions and animals as well as providing a memorable day out for the whole family.

£4000 allows us to take approx 20 on an adventure weekend in the Lake District. This is the sort of event not normally available to disabled children and can make the world of difference to their confidence and future life possibilities.

These are just a few examples of the events and the costs involved in providing these invaluable days out for additional needs children and their families. If you’d like to help or donate towards one of our events, please contact our office on 01606 270148.


We will be launching our donate options on this website during the next month (October 2018). All funds will help us do more and are deeply appreciated.

Small Local Businesses and Corporate Sponsorship

Help us help the community and we will try and help you in return! When given a donation we will add your banner on the side of our website. In the first year there sponsorship ad’s were seen over 15,000 times. That is a lot of potential business customers in return!

Be a Trustee

Trusteeship is one of the most important roles within the voluntary sector. Trustees give direction to a charity and are ultimately responsible for its activities. Trustees are the people who serve on the governing body of a charity and come from a diverse range of backgrounds. At CheshireANN we have opportunities for professionals and people with excellent personal skills to join our fabulous board of trustees. We need a range of professional skills, such as law, finance, IT, HR, PR, marketing as well as life skills. You do not need to be a specialist to be valuable.  If you can provide a fresh perspective and a bit of common sense, you’ll be doing a good job.

There are many good reasons for being a trustee at CheshireANN. Being a trustee will enable you to develop new transferable skills, i

improve your CV and broaden your experience.  Being a trustee at Aiming Higher will provide you with an opportunity to meet interesting new people and, potentially be the catalyst that opens doors to all sorts of other networks. As a trustee, you will have the chance to shape, support and contribute your ideas and knowledge to an amazing charity that provides life-changing support for families with disabled children.

Be a Volunteer

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some, it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others, it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.

At ChesireANN we have a fabulous but small team of volunteers. We desperately need to expand this part of our group. Each volunteer brings their own individual and unique skill set into our charity group. The talents of these wonderful volunteers range enormously but they are equally valuable to the running of the organisation.


If you have:

A compassionate personality
Can make a good cup of tea
Contribute within a stay and play session, arts crafts, dance, music etc.
Help at events and fundraising
Are good administration/IT skills
Have good befriending qualities


There is a volunteering opportunity for you here at CheshireANN.