Diabetes – Did you know?

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Here you will find little hints, tips and nuggets of information that might help out. These are our personal observations and you can draw your own conclusions and opinions however they might give an insight with ideas you have not come across before. If you have a gem of information that should be listed below then let us know!

Did you know – Sugar substitutes

If you are diabetic it pretty much goes without saying SUGAR IS BAD FOR YOU. But what can you do if you have a sweet tooth no matter what the doctor says. Well, a sugar substitute is probably the way to go. There are a number of them and depending on your taste buds you will love or hate them. We have found after much personal research that SPLENDA® is the best of them and certainly the best way to wean yourself of the dreaded sugar cubes. The magic word is Sucralose! It has a sugar taste, isn’t sugar, is low calorie, it can be used for cooking (especially most cakes) and if you don’t tell the family they probably won’t even know you put it in the tea & coffee. Our recommendation… Give it a try!

Did you know – Metformin

 This is pretty much the go-to drug of choice for doctors when dealing with diabetes. It is a wonder drug and works very well however there is one side effect that it seems doctors rarely tell their patients about. Let us explain. Runner Caster Semenya has been told by athletic authorities to take Metformin to lower her testosterone level so that it is fair for her to compete with other women. We are not going to get into that debate her, however, to our unqualified eyes this leads to an obvious conclusion. Metformin must lower the testosterone level in anyone that takes it. It is well known that many men in the diabetes community take little blue pills to help with their sex drive. by now yoy probably get the point and can draw your own conclusions. The point here is you should consult with your GP if you are at all concerned!

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