Housing – Did you know?

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Here you will find little hints, tips and nuggets of information that might help out. The sort of things the authorities like to say they have in place but advertise too much. You can draw your own conclusions as to why this is. If you have a gem of information that should be listed below then let us know!

Did you know – Emergency assistance

If you are applying for emergency assistance generally the first thing you are told is this service does not offer money. This announcement is the first thing you will hear in an automated message if you call to claim. However, there is at least one exception we are aware of. You can claim emergency assistance towards the deposit when moving into a new property. If your claim is successful you will not get any cash personally however they will offer a bond to the landlord to cover the amount.

Did you know – Golden Promise

Need to get sorted out quickly? Chesire East & Cheshire West both offer what they call a golden promise when applying for Housing Benefit, Council Tax, Local Housing Allowance, Council Tax Support Second Adult Rebate (or a combination) If you have all your documentation in place and ready to go they promise to fast track your claim and sort out your case in three days. Ask about it when applying.


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