Terms, Conditions & Other Info

It is important that all are aware the MiddlewichAnn Group is a “Not for profit self-help group”. We endeavour to help those with additional needs in our community to the best of our ability and with the spare time available, to our members. There are NO paid members or paid fundraisers and all monies raised go only to day to day running costs and our dedicated social events.

The group council wish to make clear there are certain restrictions placed upon the group itself. These restrictions apply to ‘members of the council’, ‘group members’, ‘readers of these web pages’ and/or ‘anyone that is or has been helped by our group’. The restrictions are made to avoid group liability and should they be broken, the group, the council or any other members shall not be liable. The group shall also in no way be liable for any third party actions and anyone acting outside these restrictions do so at their own risk.

All parties are grouped together and listed below under the titles of “MiddlewichAnn”, “CreweAnn”, “NorthwichAnn”, “SandbachAnn”, “WinsfordAnn” and/or “CheshireAnn”.

  • The group is not and shall not make any claims to be a registered charity
  • All help and advice the Middlewich group (or any member) may give, is based on personal experience. It is given with the best of intentions but in no way should be taken as definitive legal advice. We promise we will always try to do our best and give the accurate and up to date advice possible, however, the end user should always check and make sure following group advice is their best course of action.
  • MiddlewichAnn does not have trained one-to-one councillors and with the note above in mind, we only offer a friending service to help where we can. Please note this is changing as we now have our first qualifications inside the group.
  • We do and will not condone bullying in any way no matter what age. This includes both personal and cyberbullying. Children will be advised these actions are not acceptable and adults will in extreme cases be asked to leave the group. We will always listen to a point of view if made politely but have a zero-tolerance approach if council members are on the receiving end of said bullying.
  • In no way can the group or its members be held directly responsible if advice has been given in error.
  • In no way can the group or its members be held directly responsible for any incident that could have been insured against.
  • In no way can the group or its members be held directly responsible for events beyond the groups’ control
  • This contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and the English courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes.
  • We will endeavour to use plain English language at all times.
  • We reserve the right to add to these Terms & conditions whenever needed.

Important Trip Information

Please note we now run an official policy on our trips which we call a ‘Commitment Fee’. This usually incurs a £5.00 per person fee before the event (please check the individual event post for specific details) which is either spent on treating those paying the fee (ice cream, food, sweets, etc, during the event) or is used towards transport payments or refunded after the event. This ‘Commitment Fee’ is asked for in order that we can be more assured that those saying they wish to attend are not wasting hard-earned group resources by not turning up after tickets have already been paid for. Please note this fee may be returned after an event even if a person or group of people do not turn up if an adequate reason is given and the council agrees (the council decision is final).

Adverts on both our website and social media pages

Whilst we will only place/authorise adverts on our website or social media for those businesses or people that we know and trust, the group, the council and its members cannot be held responsible for any subsequent actions by them or their customers. Please note the end user should always check and make sure businesses or people fit their requirements and using their services is their best course of action. In the event of a problem or dispute and if we are kept informed of any issues, it may lead us to remove adverts and posts if our council deems action is required.